The Company

LS Communications Inc. set out to fill a gap in the Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canadian, and International market – affordable advertising.

Historically, clients would have to go to their radio station to get an audio advertisement. They would then have to go to a web design firm to get a website. To top it all off, they would then have to travel to an app design firm to get their mobile application developed.

LS Communications decided that this was an inconvenience and was holding back people from utilizing all of the available technologies to their fullest abilities. We have committed to provided top-notch, turnkey advertising strategies and products. We handle all of our production in-house, allowing us to offer the best prices and package deals if more than one product is purchased through us.

Our goal is to change the way advertising and business is done. We respect our workers and conduct business in a way that is equitable, fun, effective, socially responsible, and client-driven. We are constantly working on developing new, cutting-edge and creative advertising techniques and strategies to ensure, first and foremost, that your company has the best and most effective exposure possible without breaking the bank to do it!